Fandom Woes

One of the key elements of why the South Park fandom gets a lot of side-eye is because people don’t know how to respectfully dislike something, whether it’s a pairing, or an art style, or a fic, etc.

I have pairings, art styles, and fics that I don’t like, but I don’t feel like I need to announce it loudly to everyone and declare “HOW CAN YOU LIKE THIS, YOU’RE STUPID.” Because different people have different taste, and the things that make me happy in the fandom aren’t going to be the same for another person. Because. You know. We’re different people.  

Another interesting problem people have is believing that “I don’t like it, and therefore it is a cliche.” I’m sitting here like…you keep using that word, and I do not think it means what you think it means. Sometimes y’all sit around sounding like the goth kids, naming things “cliche” just because they’re not your cup of tea.

Really, this goes for any fandom, but SP is the only one I’m involved in, so it’s the only one that I know about.

Come on, guys. We’re not five. Do you realize how ridiculous it sounds to say “They don’t like what I do, and therefore they’re stupid”? Can we just all put on our big kid pants and treat each other kindly?

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    I was actually having a conversation similar to this with someone today. They were like “I hate when boys put naked...
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    You know I haven’t seen much of this in South Park fandom. Maybe I haven’t looked enough or because I appreciate how...
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