Book Review: The Violinist’s Thumb

The Violinist’s Thumb by Sam Kean


When I started this book, I was pretty certain that I was going to like it, based upon how much I enjoyed Sam Kean’s other book, The Disappearing Spoon. And I was right.

Sam Kean has a wonderful ability to breathe life into concepts that I might have found confusing or dry in a classroom setting. In this book, he focuses on genes and DNA, and by the time I finished the last word, I felt like I knew much more about myself and how I work and came to be, just from reading 357 pages of texts.

One quote on the last page stood out to me — “Indeed, the most profound changes that genetic science brings about likely won’t be instant diagnoses or medicinal panaceas but mental and spiritual enrichment — a more expansive sense of who we humans are, existentially, and how we fit with other life on earth.” This illustrates exactly what this book brought to me. I feel like, by learning more about what I’m made out of and how that came to be, I understand not only my own biology but more about me, the person, Scarlett.

TL;DR, I highly recommend this, especially to any lover of science.

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